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Meet the Artist!

  Behind Charming Henna

Priya Walunjkar

Priya, the artist behind “Charming Henna” based in Rockville, MD (USA) is a professionally trained,  Henna Artist, who has been serving tri –state (Maryland,Virginia & Washington DC) with over 10 years of experience, in henna body art!


Her attention to details, creativity, & unique designs elevates the Bridal henna to a piece of art. Her diligence & professionalism in work, made her popular & in demand Bridal artist in Washington DC & around area. Priya has provided henna not only for brides and weddings, but also for various Occasions & Corporate events of all sizes. She has also done henna crowns for patients suffering through alopecia OR chemo. Her love & passion for henna art drives her as an Artist. 


Her work speaks for itself — clicks on the “Gallery” tab of this website to check it out!

Charming Henna Artist Profile

About her Work

What is her typical process for working with a new customer?

She enjoy sharing information about henna art & educate people in general, about safe henna practices. Especially to customers who have not been exposed to natural henna in the past. She always explain the pros behind getting natural henna and like to reveal the ingredients in her henna paste. She then let customer go through her design portfolio, and give them an opportunity to choose from her previous work, or they are also free to come up with a new and more personalized design. After applying the henna, the customer can choose to decorate their design with glitter if they wish so. Application process ends up with explaining aftercare This ensure the customers enjoyment with their henna design, as long as possible.

What education And/Or training does she has, that relates to her work?

She has been learning henna since young age, from various henna professionals. She has also done a certification course in Traditional Indian Bridal Henna, from renowned henna artist in India. She also keep in touch with a number of highly skilled professionals, to get feedback on her work, which helps her improve work quality, invent new designs & polish her skills.

What advice would she give a customer looking to hire a provider in her area of work?

She would suggest to always check with  the artist, if they are experienced enough to fulfill your requirement & also the work images they are showing up are their own. Don't fall for the price, but for the quality.

What should the customer know about her pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

She believes that her work quality & price goes hand in hand, though as every clients need is different, discounts are provided based on clients  location, number of hours service has been booked etc. Please call her to know more about the same.

“The art of henna has been a passion for me since I was very young. As a little girl growing up in India, I had also seen henna being done tons of times – be it on festivals, weddings, parties or just for fun. I started doodling with a henna cone, when I was only around 13 years old. My mother was my first Henna teacher & since then I took every  opportunity  to learn this body art, from various Henna professionals. As I grew older, I received calls from more people (through word-of-mouth) and I realized that I should make my hobby into a part-time business. I never really thought I’d be doing this professionally, but now I am and I absolutely love it!” - Priyanka Walunjkar.

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