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Creativity with capital WHY?

Proud Moment!!

Several years ago, Larry Levine (The  photographer) was working on his photography exhibit  "Views of  Faith." He believes that  "Once we are able to respect the differences between us, we can begin to discover what we have in common."  He was fascinated with  demonstrations of henna he saw during a celebration. Larry's love of  art and creativity inspired him to think about including a Henna Artist as one of more than 30 creative people he would photograph for his Creativity exhibit. During his search for one such creative artist, he learnt about 

"Charming Henna".  Larry loved my  Henna art work & believed that it is worth sharing with people.

I am so grateful to Larry Marc Levine for honoring my work & the traditional 'Henna Art' form through this exhibit.


The exhibition Creativity, with a capital WHY? was presented at Sandy Spring Museum. 

This exhibition included the photographic images of more than 30 creative people at work.

Sandy Spring Museum had also hosted an artist's reception on Sunday, 15th September  2019

This special event had featured demonstrations by seven of the individuals whose portraits were on exhibit until

Sunday 24th November 2019 including musicians Karen Buglass (dulcimer) and Alyssa Centanni (violin); jewelry maker Bobbi Premack Gorban; violin maker David Rapkievian; fabric artist Shirley Waxman; graffitist Herberth Romero and Henna Artist Priyanka Walunjkar.

Larry Levine had also produced a photography book to keep the project alive after the show. This book includes all of the photographs and quotations in the exhibit. Click on the below button to learn more /Order your copy.

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