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General Questions

How long does a henna tattoo last on the skin?

Designs last from three days to 1 weeks, depending on the body chemistry, aftercare, exposure to water, usage of soap & skin exfoliating agent, body/skin part where the henna is applied. 

What color will the tattoo be?

The color of the stain would be lighter orange to dark brown. Usually a deep brown/mahogany/burgundy color is expected, which can be obtained with good aftercare. Though it is also based on individuals body chemistry & skin tone.

What ingredients does Charming henna paste has?

Charming henna uses organic henna powder mixed with plain water & therapeutic grade essential oils like Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, & Cajeput oil.


What is the significance of henna? Why should I get henna?

Henna has been used to adorn women bodies as part of traditional and holiday celebrations for many years now. In many cultures, it is regarded as a blessings, and  applied for luck as well as joy and beauty.

What is Black Henna?

Black henna is a paste made by mixing a little bit of henna, and a majority of things that are really bad for your skin, specifically: PPD (a chemical found in permanent hair dye), charcoal, kerosene and other chemicals. These chemicals can cause poisonous, painful blisters and permanent scarring.  Natural Henna is never black and it always stain in lighter orange to brown color. Charming Henna does not use or encourage to use the black henna.

What is White Henna?

White henna is nothing but a mixture of body paint & glue. It does not turn into any other color stain like real henna, It also it peels off easily after couple of hour of application.

Has it ever not faded away?

No. Henna is a temporary skin dye. It always fades away.

Aftercare Questions

How do I take the paste off?

Once the henna paste is completely dry, It fall off on it's own.

Or you also may rub it off with your fingers, once it starts to chip off

How long do I keep the paste on the skin?

You should keep it on until it fall off on it's own.

Usually it starts to chip off within  couple of hours after application

How to make the stain darker?

Darkness of Henna stain depends on freshness of henna paste, individuals body chemistry

(more the heat individual body has, darker would be the stain) & aftercare.

Aftercare includes application of castor oil OR coconut oil after the paste is completely off from the skin,

& no exposure of henna stain to water for minimum 4 to maximum 24 hours. 


How to take care of henna stain?

After removing henna paste from skin, Avoid exposing it to chlorine water (pool water), tap water, soap or shampoo as long as possible.Do not use skin exfoliating products.

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