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Henna Classes


Very few among us get an opportunity to turn their hobby into flexible yet lucrative career. If you are affectionate towards Henna Art, then grab this opportunity to Learn & improve on your Henna Art skills & become a part or full time Henna Professional!!

Basic Henna Lessons- 4 hours session

Fees- $200


1) How to mix henna paste (key ingredients, measurements, process, brands for the products)

2) How to role a henna tube ( what kind of paper to be used & how to role a perfect cone)

3) How to fill & seal error fee henna tube.

4) How to draw basic henna elements  (Flowers, petals, straight lines)

5) How to construct a simple design  (diagonal pattern, bracelet, simple mandala)

6) Aftercare tips 


Intermediate Henna Lessons (8 & 10 hours based on your need)

Fees - $400 -$500


1) Advanced mandala designs

2) Advanced flower clusters 

2) Grid patterns

3) Shading

4) Peacock/elephants

5) Hennaed finger caps

6) Simple feet design


Advanced/Bridal Henna Lessons (25/30 hours based on your need)

Fees - $1250- $1500

1) Roses/ flower clusters for bridal designs

2) Bride & Groom figurines

3) intricate fillers

4) Negative space patterns

4) Belly Henna

5) Henna Crowns

6) Baby shower specific figurine- baby faces, cradle, etc.

7) Geometric designs

8) Intricate Feet design


All our courses include demo & practice on Paper, Acrylic hand & Plywood Board. Student will get henna tubes for practice during the class. Students will receive keen attention from the instructor at every step, to improve on their henna design application skills & techniques, that will help them create an elegant & beautifully structured henna designs. Students will also receive guidance on how to set up & successfully run their Henna Business from scratch.

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