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Online Henna Clasess

Learn from home!!

Basic | Intermediate | Advanced.

You have 3 levels to begin with- Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.

$50/hr. each class.


 * Basic- 2-4 hours ($100-$200)

 * Intermediate- 4-6 hours ($200-$300)

 * Advanced- 6-8 hours ($300-$400)

Analysis of your previous henna practice/ work/ can be done over email,

to help you choose appropriate class for no cost. 


Basic 2 hours- Sketching lines, curves, flower petals, dots, circles constructing simple floral henna designs, how to hold henna tube, 


Basic 4 hours-how to role henna tube, how to make paste, ingredients, measurements etc.Sketching mandala, mandala details, simple geometric designs, practicing together simple floral stripe design as well as simple mandala design with pencil & henna


Intermediate 4 hours - How to draw elaborate stripe designs & elaborate mandala on hands, design layout, various flower & petal clusters, simple grids, simple wrist bands. practicing together.


Intermediate 6 hours- advanced grids, paisley, intricate fillers, peacock, feet design layout, practicing together, 


Intermediate 8 hours- full palm intricate design layout, advanced wrist bands, peacock, elephants,


Advanced 6 hours- Bride & Groom figurines side & front facing, shading techniques, Negative space patterns, Belly Henna.


Advanced 8 hours- Henna Crowns, Baby shower specific figurine- baby faces, cradle, etc., advanced Geometric designs, Intricate Feet design layout.


* Additional hours could be added  to all levels based on your requirement

* Worksheet pdf will be provide to all levels for practicing at home.

* Each/few class /sessions may run 15-20 minutes over.


Booking & Payment:-

In terms of booking your class upfront paymnet is required to be made for decided hours/class. You will be receiving an invoice to make paymnet through PayPal, Venmo, CasApp. Payment details will be attached to invoice email.


Students need to have following provisions-

* Henna Powder (link will be provide)

* Cellophane/gift warp paper (link will be provided)

* Acrylic practice board  ( link will be provided) 

  Blank white papers would also do.

* Cello tape

* Lead pencil (0.7/0.5 preferred)

* Eraser


Looking forward to have some fun & productive time with you soon! 

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